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Signs and Plaques

Ottawa Brass  Adds Prestige to Any Building or Development

Whether your plaques are cast, architectural, etched, or those requiring ADA specifications, Ottawa Brass can create the marker, seal or plaque you need. We use a variety of methods to manufacture your plaque – all using prime materials of the purest alloys. Whether you require lead and mercury free bronze, high-grade aluminum, lead-free brass or #304 or even #316 stainless steel, Ottawa Brass has the metal you need to make a lasting impression. Whether you are looking to recognize someone for a job well done, a retirement, winning an award, or to memorializes a loved one or commemorate a historic place – our specialized plaque sales staff are ready to assist you.


  • Incredible variety and breathtaking detail

  • Designs in any shape - same price

  • Earth-friendly process - lead and mercury-free alloys

All Ottawa Brass Metal Plaques and Metal products (except anodized and stainless steel) are coated with a paint or clear poly to protect the metal.  It is very important to routinely clean your plaque, letters and logos in order to preserve this coating.  Clean with a soft cloth and warm, soapy(dish washing liquid) water.  Do not clean with any solvent-based or harsh cleaners as they may damage the coating.  We recommend cleaning every few months.

Standard Cast & Architectural Plaques

Recognize an individual or place; capture a historic footnote; or use a plaque for signage.

Illuminated Wayfinding Signage

Illuminated wayfinding signage offers superior visibility and durability with added class and elegance. By combining illuminated acrylic and vinyl, create upscale, sleek signage that stands out from the crowd even in low-light conditions.

Type R-Post Cap Mount:

Cast as part of an aluminum or bronze plaque, the Post Cap mount is designed to fit on 1-1/2", 2" or 3" ID posts. Available on almost any custom plaque, single or double sided up to 30" x 30". Post sold separately. 

Standard Etched Plaques

Ottawa Brass etched plaques are made from virgin sheet stock that is always lead & mercury free. The chemical etching process allows us to reproduce even the most complex artwork onto the surface of the metal. Used in combination with cast and architectural plaque lines – etched medallions and emblems provide the precision needed to make the perfect plaque or marker. Ottawa Brass can etch brass, bronze, copper and stainless steel in varying gauges and dimensions

Metal Display Lettering: acrylic, bronze, aluminum, brass, stainless steel

We carry plastic letters (injection molded plastic letters, formed plastic letters, and cut acrylic letters).  Fine ornate metal letters (both flat cut metal and cast metal).  These are available in a variety of styles and finishes such as aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, hot rolled steel, stainless steel, and baked enamel.

Braille Plaques, Standard ADA & Wayfinding Plaques

Don't let ADA signage requirements be an eyesore – order solid aluminum, bronze & brass ADA compliant plaques from Ottawa Brass. Unlike other ADA compliant products – Ottawa Brass pending process does not use loose beads for the braille component; or rely on imperfect, non-compliant castings. Like our plaques–they are perfect every time.

Giclée Print on Metal

(pronounced “zhee-clay”) is the term for high quality reproductions of art utilizing high-resolution inkjet printers. The result is a picture perfect product that is excellent for indoor applications and even some exterior ones.

We Specialize in Refurbishing Plaques

Bringing those deteriorated and forgotten plaques back to life to look the way they did on the day they were built.  Refurbishing and cleaning of plaques are just some of the processes we use to bring them back to the original state.

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