Fire-Fighting Equipment

Our products are known for their high functionality, excellent quality and revolutionary design.


We manufacture and distribute bush pump tanks and other fire-fighting equipment. Over the last few decades, manufacturing and distribution of fire-fighting portable bush pump tanks and other fire-fighting equipment has developed as a major area of our company's expertise. The fire-fighters across North America rely on highly functional and durable products manufactured by Ottawa Brass.

Portable Bush Pump Nylon Tank.

Our nylon tank is the only double-walled tank on the market. A tough and replaceable inner bladder provides extra protection against puncture; making the unit durable, cost effective and easy to repair.

Portable Bush Pump Poly Tank.

Our poly tank replaces galvanized steel models. Unlike other plastic models, this unit is fabricated of thick-walled polyethylene, which is rugged and virtually indestructible. A unique feature allows this model to be operated by both right and left handed users. Other manufacturers limit functionality with separate products.


Fire Hooks Unlimited

Canadian distributor of Fire Hooks Unlimited

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